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How long does it take to repair my credit?

Credit repair has no time frame. It depends on your actual credit report and errors that you have. Some take longer than others; especially if you go years without repairing your credit. It can be fixed with time.

How is my score calculated?

Most credit scoring models use five basic factors to calculate consumer credit scores. Each factor carries a different "weight" for how much it impacts your score.

  • Credit History 35%

  • Utilization 30%

  • Length of Credit History 15%

  • New Credit 10%

  • Types of Credit In Use 10%

What is credit repair?

Credit repair (also known as credit restoration) is the process of disputing mistakes in your report. Between your creditors and the credit bureaus, errors can occur in reporting. This is the financial process of disputing those mistakes. If the information cannot be verified it must be removed.

Is credit repair legal in all 50 states?

Federal law requires that any consumer has the right to dispute mistakes that may appear in their credit report. This means credit repair, itself, is 100% legal no matter where you live. You are allowed to retain a third party to represent you and make disputes on your behalf.